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Since 1966, Skipjack boats have withstood the test of time on the open ocean.

You'll see these legacy boats still hard at work well beyond the outer banks and islands. You'll find dedicated owners re-powering their Skipjacks after thousands of hours at sea. While no engine will last forever, a good solid hull is worth keeping when created with timeless nautical styling and solid construction. And that is why you'll still find 35-year-old Skipjacks commanding top dollar
20 Open Cruiser
  24 Flying Bridge       25 Sports Cruiser 

   25 Fisherman            263 Fisherman             28 Flying Bridge  

   35 Flying Bridge       24 Open                         25 Cabin Cruiser

Skipjack 24 Flying Bridge  
Deadrise on
Skipjack Boats:
The deadrise (the hull angles at the stern) is 18 degrees on all models of Skipjack boats built from 1971 on.  
  When ordering an Airmar Tilted Element, flush mount transducer, we recommend the "Fixed 20 degree tilted version for 16 to 24 degree hulls".
This is for boats from 25 ft to 35 ft.
  Deadrise for Skipjack Boats built before 1971 was less, and we suggest you measure the actual angle. Measure by placing a straight edge or level on the keel (keeping it level with the ground) and measure up to the hull on one side.  
  Skipjack Flybridge boats, Skipjack Boats, Skipjack Fishing Boats, Skipjack Sport Fisher are made for the serious fisherman. Our Skipjack fishing boats are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Fishing boats is our game and sport fishing is our customers game to fame.