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Over 4000 Skipjack owners will testify to Skipjacks’ seaworthiness & dependability.
Here's just a few of the incredible stories we've received over the years.


Fishing Mexico

2 Cruising Alaska

3 Time & Credibility

4 Young Man & the Sea

5 What Men Want


6 400 Florida Miles

7 Canadian Cruising

8 15' Pacific Swells

9 SKIP to Sea of Cortez

10 Add Your Story


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Skipjack 24 Flying Bridge

Skipjack Flybridge boats, Skipjack Boats, Skipjack Fishing Boats, Skipjack Sport Fisher are made for the serious fisherman. Our Skipjack fishing boats are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Fishing boats is our game and sport fishing is our customers game to fame.