Here’s what the Pros say about Skipjack’s hull…

Sea Magazine"...meant to be used, and occasionally abused"
— Sea Magazine

"Skipjack has built a reputation with solid, well-designed and seaworthy boats for over 30 years…Construction has always been solid with Skipjack… solid fiberglass hull.”

Boating Magazine"...built for blue water fishing"
— Boating Magazine

"The Skipjack’s hull lamination can stand up to any other boat built for blue water fishing and cruising"


Trailer Boats Magazine“...some manufacturers come close”
— Trailer Boat Magazine
"There are some manufacturers that come close to Skipjack quality, and a few that can match it, but we have yet to see a boat builder that has exceeded the quality of workmanship seen in a Skipjack."

Soundings Magazine", no-holds-barred"
— Soundings Magazine
"The modified-vee hull combines a sharp, wave-cutting entry and a full, buoyant bow section that reduces down-wave plunging. Double lifting strakes increase planing surfaces, giving the boat a quick response… A pronounced bow flare and reverse chines aft help give the boat a dry ride."

"…time doesn’t BS"
Mark Nelson, Charter Captain

"Skipjack far exceeds all other boats in its size range for comfort and seaworthiness. I have over 25 years on the ocean in a Skipjack – time doesn’t BS."

Ray Arida, Outdrive Exchange"Skipjack – best in its class"
Ray Arida, Marine Mechanic
After 20 years and over 1000 Skipjacks, I can tell you the lay-up and strength of the solid [fiber]glass hull is phenomenal. People consistently put money into repowering 20 to 30 year old Skipjacks because they know it's a good investment”

"…best hull built in the world"
Ron LeGrand, long term, Owner
"I have owned and fished four Skipjack boats since 1972. I am committed to Skipjack and believe it is the best hull built in the world."



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