“For it's size, the Skipjack 30 can't be beat”

Randy W.

Randy cannot recall a time when blue water and the relentless pursuit of game fish did not fill his life. As a young boy, he vividly remembers fishing with his grandparents aboard their sport fishing boats. During those idyllic years, his appetite for salt water and endless horizons developed. Somehow, binoculars could enlarge the ocean that already seemed infinite, and the child’s imagination was captivated by the fact that this vast ocean he beheld was certainly full of fish.

As a teen he coaxed his grandfather into loaning him the money he lacked to buy his own fishing boat—a Skipjack! That was in 1975. Four years later Randy and his father purchased a spanking new fishing boat with a diesel engine—another Skipjack. After twenty-five years, volumes of memories, and tons of fish, they sold their 1980 Skipjack and purchased Skipjack’s latest model, the Skipjack 30 Flybridge.

Randy’s passion for offshore sport fishing encompasses thousands of hours skippering sport fishing boats from Vancouver, Canada south to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Even when ashore his passion burns; his company Offshore Marine Products designs and manufactures sport fishing products. When asked why he chooses Skipjack for his personal fishing platform, his answers are straightforward, concise and practical...

  • Confidence: If there are fish, I’ll find them, get to them and catch them. My boat has the fuel capacity and speed to make it happen.”

  • Dependability: Skipjack not only takes me where I want to go — wherever the fish are — but for over twenty-five years has always brought me home safely.”

  • Stability: The Skipjack 30 is amazingly stable. We will normally have four lookouts, three with binoculars and one with the naked eye. When you're holding binoculars to your eye balls for hours looking for fins, the boat must be stable — the 30 is!”

  • Comfort: The Skipjack not only provides everything I want for hard-core fishing, it is also comfortable for my wife Joan and son Aaron.”

Randy  makes bait systems
available at Offshore Products



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