“Skipjack, the Boat a Fisherman Designed and Built!"

Product Loyalty Speaks Volumes

Meet Bill & Mary , daughters Karen and Sharron

This family has owned several offshore fishing boats including Stamas and Formula, to name a couple. However, since 1969 they have owned and fished Skipjacks - a Skipjack 20, 24, 262 and look forward to launching their new 30 Flybridge – that’s over 30 years of product loyalty!

Why Skipjack?
"Skipjack is designed by a fisherman who knows what a fisherman wants! I have fished a Skipjack for over thirty years and I have been satisfied with every boat. You couldn’t ask for a better boat for offshore fishing. The best days of my life were fishing the 262 in Baja, Mexico. My wife and I would take off for four and five day trips. We fished like crazy. Getting to the fish is no problem at 25 knots, and averaging 3 mpg gives us amazing range.

The visibility is phenomenal. Spotting activity - birds, boils or fins - was easy on the flying bridge where eye level is about 11 feet off the water. Once you’re hit (and I don’t know of another line of boats with the reputation for raising fish that Skipjack has), you have a flush cockpit where four people can comfortably fight fish from. Remember we are on a 26 foot boat! The big fish boxes in the cockpit provide easy access for the night’s menu. To top it off, not only do you have every fisherman’s dream, but you also have the amenities to stay out on the open ocean for days, in comfort!

What does a fisherman want in a boat?
“Dependability, speed, low maintenance, uncluttered space – Skipjack, the boat a fisherman designed and built. I should know after over 30 years catching fish on one.”

Bill S.



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