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After reading a few of the Skipjack Owners' Logs, you've probably considered submitting your favorite journey aboard your Skipjack.
And why shouldn't you? Skipjack owners love to talk about their boats.

We'd love to hear your story and we'll post our favorites for all to enjoy if you would follow a couple of simple guidelines:

  • Include your name, your boat name and your home port. Your first name only, would apear.
  • Include digital photos or mail copies of photos to Skipjack.
  • Include the names of people in the photos if you like. We will only include first names in our online reports.
  • Tell us about your unique Skipjack journey; about one page is plenty. We may edit for brevity or clarity.
  • Send the story (mail or email) and images (digital is best) to the address below:
  • We will send you a SKIPJACK glass mug.

  • For really great stories, we will include a Skipjack polo shirt. We will call you get size and color wanted.

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